If you’re interested in wine and being part of this exciting industry, especially in the field of hospitality,  becoming a Sommelier might just be the thing for you!  Tygervalley Centre in the northern suburbs of Cape Town is giving you the chance to join in the fun of their first “Taste of Tygervalley” wine festival by entering our “Search for a Sommelier” competition.

The drive is run in conjunction with The Tygerburger and we hope to identify a few youngsters who have a chance of success in this field and help them take the first steps into a brand-new career.


  1. Email us a short note about your reasons for wanting to become a Sommelier. Not more than 100 words (longer will be disqualified). Why do you think you would be a good Sommelier,  Do you have any experience in wine tasting or winery visits, are you fascinated by wine and food,  do you or your family love wine?  Or any other reasons for wanting to enter this interesting career?
  2. The email should reach us at cobie@cvomarketing.co.za by no later than Thursday 22 June 2017.
  3. You should include your full name and address, landline and cell no, email address and any social media platforms you operate on eg facebook,  twitter, instagram  as we would like to find out more about our candidates before finally deciding.


  1. You may enter yourself or you can be nominated by someone else.
  2. You have to be over 18 and therefore legally allowed to taste wine.
  3. We will choose 5 finalists who HAVE to attend the Taste of Tygervalley Wine Festival on Saturday, 1 July from 14h00-19h00 where you will be assessed by a professional SASA Sommelier.
  4. The winners will be announced in the first week of July 2017 at a function at TygervalleyCentre.

The Prize:

  1. Enrolment in a “Wine Ambassador Course” as recommended by The South African Sommelier Association, which is a soft skill course and helps to give participants an idea of the industry, before deciding to take it up as a career.
  2. The prize/s cannot be transferred as the specific entrants will be assessed and will have to continue with the course to claim the prize.
  3. The course will be paid for but participants have to get to the venue for the course and will be responsible for any additional costs around attendance.
  4. Winners have to attend and complete the course within 6 months of winning except in cases beyond the control of the winner eg the course being postponed or cancelled etc.

For more info email Cobie van Oort at cobie@cvomarketing.co.za.




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